Saturday, March 20, 2010

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you....

I may not have blogged about it every week (shame on me!) but I have been watching TV4's "Let's Dance" on a regular basis and couldn't help but wonder, as the weeks went on, that Willy Bjorkman may just do what all the truly bad reality-talent contestants had always actually go and win the thing.

Entertaining though he was, in a John Sergeant kind of way, it was finally 'time up' for him last night, leaving two actual 'proper' celeb dancers, Claudia Galli and Mattias Andreasson, to fight it out in next week's final. I think these are the two best finalists to emerge from this year's line-up, so I'm happy with whoever wins next week. I won't see the final until next Sunday/Monday, due to the small matter of a Swedish trip in the coming week...hoping for Mattias to win, mainly because I'm an E.M.D. fan. (!)

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