Sunday, October 31, 2010

Idol 2010 - Friday Finals - Week 4, 29.10.10

90s night on Idol, which I was initially excited about but then I saw the song choices and got a bit disappointed. But on with the show....

Daniel Norberg was at a bit of an unfair disadvantage with "Stone Me Into The Groove" as it was maybe a lesser known song than some of the others last night. But at least it was a Swedish song so I didn't complain so much. It did show off a different side to him, but I felt he suffered from the wrong song choice.

That couldn't be said for Olle Hedberg, who finally after all these weeks got to put his distinctive Olle-stamp on a song. The Olle-fied (for want of a better word) "Wonderwall" will have gone a long way to really boosting his profile in this contest. And about time too!!

I still think Elin Blom's trying a little bit too hard to look like Robyn, but that aside she delivered a nice version of "Born to Make You Happy". I don't have anything against her, but in my view she still lacks that distinctive quality to take her beyond the next couple of weeks.

One of the more intriguing things about last night was the prospect of Geir Rönning singing Pearl Jam's "Alive". He did give it his best shot only to get into a debate with Andreas Carlsson about song choice, which caused some controversy and got lots of Swedish press coverage as a result. By the way: 47. Is. Not. Old.

Confession time: I've always hated "Nothing Compares 2 U" but Linnea Henriksson's brittle, compelling version did the job yet again this week.

Andreas Weise sang Big Mountain's reggae-cover of "Baby I Love Your Way" which was yet again note-perfect. I have no problems with his voice, but as I said before, he is no 'idol' and could struggle to establish a music career due to his lack of individuality.

Bringing some rare sensitivity - for a change - was Jay Smith, who stepped very successfully out of his comfort zone on "I Want It That Way". It's a performance like this which will inevitably propel him towards that final showdown. Because, at this stage, I can't see anything else but a Jay-Linnea final. Of course I want Olle in that final, but I've got to be realistic!

Finally this week, Minnah, who seems to have got a new lease of life following her return to Idol last week. She sang "Everything I Do (I Do It For You)" very well. With only three girls left in the competition, Minnah seems to have the most mainstream appeal and I can see her in the final 4.

Bottom two: Daniel and Geir - with Daniel receiving the lowest number of votes, he became the latest contestant to leave.

Next week: the theme is "love songs". To which I say.....yuck! I hate love songs. But looking forward to some good performances all the same.

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