Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This week's "Idol" songs

Via Aftonbladet: here are this week's Swedish Idol songs, with a 1990s theme. I'm not too excited about the song choices, too many obvious international hits. What's wrong with Swedish songs?

Anyway before I go into a rant, here's the list....

Daniel Norberg - ”Stone me into the groove” (Atomic Swing).
Olle Hedberg - ”Wonderwall” (Oasis).
Elin Blom - ”Born to make you happy” (Britney Spears).
Geir Rönning - ”Alive” (Pearl Jam).
Linnea Henriksson - ”Nothing compares 2 u”(Sinead O' Connor).
Andreas Weise - ”Baby, I love your way” (Big Mountain).
Jay Smith - ”I want it that way” (Backstreet Boys).
Minnah Karlsson - ”(Everything I do) I do it for you” (Bryan Adams).


Damian said...

Though Jay is not my fave it's gonna be interested how he'll cover BSB though I imagine :) I still don't understand why he's such a big favorite, sure Sweden needs it's Daughtry but damn there are so many good rock-bands, why don't viewers appreciate what they have and get it only on Idol? I don't want another rock-guy to win as it's obviously that Jay has no future like it was obvious with Erik and Kevin. Olle and Linnea would be much more interesting winners but they are not those artists who can perfectly sing final song, it's Jay. By previous season logics I'd like Linnea to be second to get album of her covers as she does brilliant ones and Olle to be third to get a time and release his own album like Tove because I think his own stuff is much better than covers which he has to make on Idol.

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

As always Damian, you make some very good points here :) and of course I agree. Erik had a wider appeal than Jay, and if he couldn't succeed as a solo artist then there is even less chance for Jay, as the rock fans won't take him seriously because he's been on Idol (even though that's where Daughtry came from, but that's another story!) and the pop fans won't accept him either.

I think it would be better if Linnea and Olle didn't win for the reasons that you describe. Linnea could be the new Tove/Amanda Jenssen and Olle could be allowed to develop his career in a way which he wouldn't be allowed to do so if he won. As you know I haven't been so impressed by Olle over the past couple of weeks, but only for the reason that the song choices weren't right for him so that album of covers wouldn't work. Now an album of songs like "Exit", on the other hand....

Damian said...

However The Scientist by Olle was masterpiece and I imagine Wonderwall to be not less grand, Olle and Linnea have best song-choices this Friday. Linnea's Hope There's Someone touched me so deep and Nothing compares 2 u can really become hit in her performance.

Maria said...

Hi there! Just wanted to say that the participants in swedish Idol get to choose songs from a list of only 15 songs, and if they choose the same song, lottery decides who gets to sing it. Olle had bad luck the previous two weeks, because he got his third choices of songs, which could explain why he had difficulties. This week he got his first choice (Wonderwall), though.

Maria said...

Edit of my previous post:
I just read in an interview that "Wonderwall" wasn't Olles first choice either.