Sunday, October 17, 2010

Swedish charts update

It's been a while :) anyway I thought it was time to check out what was happening in the Sverige Topplistan singles chart, which is published every Friday at

If you needed any proof that the world had gone mad, then "Black Fender" by 50s-throwback Hans Edler was probably it. The song topped the Swedish singles charts for a couple of weeks recently. Why? Can any of my Swedish friends tell me the reason for this???

Anyway it's not at no.1 anymore - that honour goes to Shakira and her "Waka Waka" which is still very popular even though the World Cup seems so long ago now.
Shakira better watch out as the next song could knock her off the top. High climber this week is a song I wrote about recently. "Gubben i Lådan" by Daniel Adams-Ray is a real grower and sounds very good on the radio.
His former Snook bandmate Oskar Linnros has spent 22 weeks on the chart with "Från Och Med Du" and that song is down to no.7 this week, but it could climb yet again, thanks to the "Idol effect". Yes just as with our own (vastly inferior) X Factor, it only takes someone to sing a song in the show for the original version to re-enter or climb the chart. As "Från Och Med Du" was in this week's Idol, then expect to see Oskar in next week's top 5 once again. This also explains the entry of "Who Says" by John Mayer at no. 40, for example.

A few international hits in the chart this week, notably Cee-Lo Green who continues to climb the chart with "F**k You" (I was very disappointed that they played the "Forget You" version on Swedish radio the other night) anyway let's concentrate on the Swedish songs!

As predicted, Kent's next release from their excellent "En Plats i Solen" CD is the very electro-poppy "Ismael" which has entered the chart at no.13.
One of my all-time favourite Swedish pop stars Magnus Carlsson is back in the Swedish charts with "The Best In Me". I still haven't heard his new album yet, so I don't know if this is one of the better tracks on the album. Nevertheless it's a catchy retro-pop song (got a "Love In The First Degree" feel to it, don't you think?), maybe not a classic, but it's good to have him back again.

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Damian said...

Hans Edler was shock for me and I guess many others :) I'm also was glad to see new Kent's single but seems like there were completely no promo anywhere. I should write about this single.