Wednesday, October 06, 2010

New single from Daniel Adams-Ray

Daniel Adams-Ray has released his second solo single "Gubben i lådan". It's the follow-up to the very catchy "Dum av Dig" which topped the Swedish radio Trackslistan earlier in the summer and got a lot of airplay.

Daniel's debut album "Svart, Vitt och allt Däremellan" (black, white and everything in-between) will finally be released in November. Since the break-up of Snook, Daniel has concentrated on his clothing line Lagom which was also shown at Stockholm Fashion Week, but now he's managing to combine his fashion and music careers. I'm looking forward to hearing his album - of course it will be impossible to avoid comparisons with his former Snook colleague Oskar Linnros, who has been without any doubt the biggest breakthrough artist in Sweden this year.

(Trying not to compare both artists, but..."Dum av Dig" was a little reminiscent of a couple of songs on Oskar's brilliant "Vilja Bli" CD, and on that album cover Oskar was covered in body paint - and so is Daniel on his new single cover!)

My own view is that judging by Daniel's two singles so far, he is probably the weaker of the two artists but I'm very happy that he's making music again, and a nice surprise to hear him singing when you consider that he was best known for his rapping (indeed, as was Oskar!) Anyway, it's great to see both members of a great Swedish act go on to achieve solo success. Well done!

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