Thursday, October 14, 2010

Post removed.

For the first time in the three and a half year existence of this blog, I received a very strongly worded 'cease and desist' email yesterday.

I've never done anything to merit a C & D - I thought C & D's were only issued to people who shared mp3 files on their blogs, and I've never done that - so it was pretty hard to understand why I'd received this, as it only related to a YouTube link within the most recent German Charts Update from a couple of weeks ago.

But hey, anyway I've deleted the whole post, not just the link, so the matter should now be resolved. Has this happened to any of you readers?


Rachel said...

I've never had that before,but saying that I have noticed that so many German music videos/TV clips don't last 5 minutes on youtube anymore- there's always some copyright claim from the channel or record company.It seems to be a lot stricter than it used to be,so either yours was just an isolated case at the hands of an overzealous jobsworth,or (hopefully not though),it'll start happening more and more often.Kind of takes the point out of the "embed" and "share" buttons on youtube though.Maybe we're meant to grass on anyone who posts music videos on youtube now instead of linking them on our blogs? Copyright laws are getting ridiculous now though,as a big proportion of youtube videos are music related in some way,I guess they'll have to shut the whole site down soon just to be on the safe side.Idiots.

Damian said...

People are weird. I guess it's just some crazy hardworker who's made it. I realize how disappointing it for you Laura, but I hope it hasn't spoiled your mood too much!

Laura (EuropeCrazy) said...

Jobsworths! Killjoys! It is getting out of hand now. What the record companies and TV channels should realise is that bloggers are actually publicising these acts and shows by linking them on our blogs, so they should be glad of the word-of-mouth (word-of-blog?) publicity instead of all this C & D rubbish.

It's not been an easy week for me with one thing and another, not just with this but some other personal things too, but you'll be glad to know my mood has lifted - it's Friday and the weekend is almost here :)))