Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sweet little honey cherry chocolate pie

This blog loves Olle Hedberg!! He's definitely my fave Swedish Idol contestant this year.

I'm not usually a fan of acoustic-style music but I make an exception here: he has a nice gritty quality in his very distinctive voice and at other times he is a little reminiscent of John Mayer (back in the 'Room For Squares' days when he was good) anyway I've been watching some of his other stuff on YouTube so check these out if you haven't already:

"No Diggity"/"Lady Hear Me Tonight" (his brilliant Idol audition):

My particular favourite at the moment is one of his own songs called "Exit":


(By the way, the above picture is courtesy of


Damian said...

God! You've discovered for me Olle with these videos, I'm in goosebumps from Closer! Exit is also very beautiful, fantastic voice. I want his album already!!!

Maria said...

Yeah, go Laura!!! You and I have the same - and of course the best ;) - taste in music! I've noticed that many times before, not only with Salem. Haha, but really, I just love Olle Hedberg, can't wait for his album!! He's soooo great, he makes every song his own, and sometimes even better than the original! I hope he's as excellent a composer as he is an intepreter of music (his own song Exit sounds promising!). Hugs, Maria