Sunday, April 15, 2007

The geek will inherit the earth - Christophe Willem: we take it all back, he's actually rather good.

Here at EuropeCrazy HQ we have never been too excited about Nouvelle Star season 4 winner Christophe "Tortue" Willem. However, rather than rushing out a debut album of the usual cover versions/songs written by l'equipe Obispo, the young man wisely took his time before releasing his debut CD "Inventaire", enlisting some of France's more credible and fashionable songwriters to help him out. Now having heard the first two singles from the album "Elu Produit de L'Annee" (refreshingly old fashioned classic pop) and "Double Je" (Scissor Sisters-tastic) can we now officially apologise to the bespectacled chanteur and say that we actually think he's rather good. P.S. We still hate his version of "Sunny" though.

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