Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Eurovision Countdown begins here.

Three weeks from tonight, the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Helsinki and my favourites are changing by the day. One day it's Sweden, then it's Ukraine, then it's Germany, then it's Iceland, then it's Cyprus, then it's Russia and today it's Spain - they have a terrrible draw but I can't get enough of "I Love You Mi Vida".

If we at EuropeCrazy were partial to the evils of betting, we would put vast amounts of roubles on a Russian win for the very first time. Serebro (pictured above) - or as someone called them "Sugababeski" could see next year's Eurovision Song Contest being held in Russia for the very first time ever, thanks to the cheeky, contemporary and, um, Britney-tastic "Song Number One" which dares, possibly for the first time ever, to mention the words "Bad A**" in a Eurovision lyric. They will probably be rubbish on the night, but in preview form this is sounding unstoppable.

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