Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nouvelle Star Week 4: Au revoir Canelle

The theme this week was "French songs".
Julien, who is rapidly becoming France's answer to American Idol's Sanjaya, took on "Comme D'Habitude". Ugh. OK so it was the nearest he's been to singing in tune, but that's a long way from singing in tune...
Pierre sang the Serge Lama song "D'Aventures en Aventure", not one of my favourite songs but he always draws you in with that lovely voice and those big brown eyes...anyway, he was once again faultless tonight.
Raphaelle sang "Comme Ils Disent", another ballad, and gave yet another mature and commanding performance. She is clearly the best of the remaining females.
Canelle chose something much more modern - "Tous Ces Mots" by Nadiya, however her enthusiastic performance wasn't matched by some off-key and "pitchy" vocals.
Alex stayed in his comfort zone with "La Voix des Sages". Another good show, and he is probably my second favourite male contestant behind Pierre.
Gaetane gave a pleasant performance of Bruel's "Au Cafe des Delices" but she is still not standing out as one of the best contestants.
I am still puzzled at why Soma is still in this contest. Again he looked terrified on his version of Faudel's "Mon Pays" and was vocally dodgy.
Another contestant who should be long gone, Julie, slaughtered Calogero's "Si Seulement Je Pouvais Lui Manquer". Her days should be numbered very soon.
Tigane gave an interesting version of De Palmas' "J'en Reve Encore" but no-one can do as good a version as Gerald himself.

According to the recap on, the jury liked Alex, Raphaelle, Tigane and Julie tonight. Pierre, Gaetane and cult figure Julien all managed to escape the bottom two places, filled tonight by Canelle and Soma. The public chose Soma, and so Canelle, who was first to sing tonight, leaves the show. Eight contestants remain.

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