Sunday, April 29, 2007

Idool 2007 Belgium: week 5

Thanks to good old YouTube I was able to put some music to the names in Idool 2007. And yes, there are some talented singers this year. First the boys - Andrei (I think he originally comes from Belarus) who is very subtle but can let rip when he needs to. Then there is Wim, who is, how shall I put it, a little unusual looking but what a singer. He has a lovely understated voice and will go far. Dean is this year's "rocker" and again should last a few more weeks. Esther and Elke are the two girls left and both are strong singers although Esther has the edge.
This week, Kim, the pretty dark haired girl from Limburg, was evicted. The competition is getting tough now and it's hard to predict who will go next.

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