Sunday, April 15, 2007

This week's playlist - better late than never.

Your Love Alone Is Not Enough - Manic Street Preachers feat Nina Persson: Inspired collaboration and a return to form for the Manics after recent rubbishy efforts.
Rejection - Martin Solveig: Top French DJ sampling Prince's "Kiss" brings very catchy results.
Elu Produit de L'Annee - Christophe Willem: As mentioned in previous post, he has delivered, and then some.
Butterfly - Superbus: A real grower - the French pop/rock hit of the moment.
Si La Vie Demande Ca - Native: Vintage French soul number covered on last year's Star Academy by Nadiya & Dominique.
Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5: Pleasantly funky trailer for their new album, and thankfully won't get played to death like "This Love".
Love Today - Mika: OK I give in. It's growing on me.
Valentine Lost - Eirikur Hauksson: Intense Icelandic rock with equally intense lyrics.
Comme Ci Comme Ca - Evridiki: Cyprus goes French and only her rubbish dancing can prevent a deserved high placing in Helsinki.
I Love You Mi Vida - D'Nash: Genuine Latino pop, not bad going when it was co-written by a Swede.
What Have You Done - Within Temptation: Massive rock tune criminally ignored by the British public but not ignored by me!
Dimmi Perche - Nyco: Appealing French pop tune sung in Italian. Matt Pokora better watch out as Nyco could steal his crown.
Candyman - Christina Aguilera: Utterly bonkers 1940s style singalong!

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