Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Flemish half of Belgium is searching once more for its "Idool"

Koen and Kris Wauters have been very busy lately. Not only have they been making a new Clouseau album but they're back on VTM as Flemish TV's answer to Ant and Dec - presenting the third series of "Idool". Kim, Andrei, Wim, Elke, Esther and Dean are still in the competition whilst Brenda, Tom, Adil and Kira have been evicted. The last series of Idool was in 2004 and that was won by Joeri Fransen. Series 1, in 2003, produced many popular artists in Flanders although like many other talent shows the runners up became more popular than the winner. Peter Evrard won that year, but he hasn't been as successful as runner up Natalia. Wim Soutaer and Brahim have also been very successful.

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