Friday, April 13, 2007

Nouvelle Star Series 5: Week 2

Over in France, they're not holding back on "Nouvelle Star", with not one but three contestants - Martine, Vincent and Michel - eliminated this week. Alex was saved by the jury and our favourites Pierre and Ilyes sailed through another week. Pierre's lively performance of Stevie Wonder's "Part-Time Lover" wasn't 100% brilliant although that's down to poor song choice - he owns the stage when performing and, as someone once said, the camera loves him. Part-time lover maybe, but on this show he's a full-time (nouvelle) star.
Meanwhile the gravelly voiced rocker Ilyes took on "It's A Heartache" and did well although again was let down by the wrong song. Nevertheless this young man - who bears a disturbing visual resemblance to David Walliams (!) - already has enough fans across the Channel to guarantee that he will remain in the show for many weeks to come.

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