Sunday, April 29, 2007

Joseph - Any Dream Will Do: Week 3

I am now addicted to this show!!
Double eviction this week, nothing whatsoever to do with the Grease live shows over on ITV (oh cynicism :( )
Seamus - "Start Me Up". The curse of being on first didn't upset the arrogant (don't mention his age) 35 year old too much. It was OK, but it didn't set the world on fire.
Lewis - "I Saw Her Standing There" - Too posh and artificial to be convincing. A backward step from the first couple of weeks.
Rob - "Pretty Woman" - aka Blokey-Builder Joseph. Not that there's anything wrong with him, he's competent enough but Joseph is not the show for him.
Antony - "Patience" - In the beginning it was reinvented as a show tune, but then it turned into a spectacular fall from grace as Chippendale-Joseph failed to hit the high notes.
Chris - "Tell Her About It" - Another very competent performance from Toothy-Joseph: enough to keep him safe for another week.
Ben - "Life Is A Rollercoaster" - Boyband-Joseph. Still more boyband than West End star, he did well enough but is still out of his depth for this type of show.
Daniel - "The Lady Is A Tramp" - Bad song choice Lord Webber, and the whole effect was a little smarmy for my tastes. Main contender to the unstoppable Lee: but a long way behind him tonight.

Lee - "I Don't Wanna Talk About It" - And now the masterclass from a true professional who performed with class, subtlety and vulnerability. I think I'm in love! Utterly fantastic, gave me goosebumps. How good does he look in that red shirt. HE IS JOSEPH SO GIVE HIM THE JOB NOW.
Keith - "Crocodile Rock" - He is not the worst and he has grasped the whole performance thing, but often at the expense of his vocals, yet "Tesco Boy" has sufficient charisma to guarantee a few more weeks.
Craig - "Signed Sealed Delivered" - He did OK, but as someone once said, "distinctly average". The problem with Fake Bake-Joseph is that he's, well, not Joseph.

And so to the first sing off. Craig vs Antony. Ant gives an overcooked rendition whilst Craig is clean and faultless. Out goes Antony and his intolerable g/f.

Sing off no. 2: Seamus vs Ben: Seamus out!! He couldn't leave however without alleging conspiracy theories and proclaiming during "Close Every Door" that "I have been promised a show of my own". Possibly a Leo Sayer/David Essex tribute show we presume.

So we have Lee, Daniel, Lewis, Rob, Keith, Chris, Craig, Ben. Who will go next?

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