Sunday, April 22, 2007

Joseph - Any Dream Will Do: Week 2

After the speedy dispatch of Chris last week it was onwards to week 2, with songs selected which allegedly would show off a bit of acting as well as vocal ability.
Needless to say it was a mixed bag and some fared better than others. Here’s what we thought:

Well done well done

Lee - can do no wrong for us. He’s professional, confident and looks very good. Very good indeed, especially in that red shirt! He’s Joseph and he’s our favourite so just give him the job now!!

Chris - never mind the teeth - he was very impressive vocally & on performance tonight.
Lewis - looks like the guy from Emmerdale who was on Soapstar Superstar. Still he freaks us out a little but he was good tonight and will go a long way in this competition.

Keith - or should we say Keith with the teeth. Did well tonight but we have reservations that he’s still too young for the role.
Rob - his blokey-builder image is not right for this part, but he’s doing well and will again go far.
Ben - despite odd choice of song - he’s too young for "All By Myself" he redeemed himself apart from a few bum notes.

Daniel - He is very good, but the combination of posh theatrics and Kelly Clarkson didn’t quite go tonight, but he deserves to go a long way.

No, no, no

Seamus - vocally strong, however his arrogance is out of control and is becoming more offputting by the week.
Craig - he’s out of his depth here and is more suited to a boyband or X-Factor (or indeed Pop Idol....oh wait - he's already done that one).
Anthony - Chippendale Joseph. Trading more on his muscular hunky image to appeal to teeny girls rather than getting on with the job in hand.
Johndeep - tried a little too hard here on a show tune which, as Mr Louis Walsh often used to say, was too big for him.

In the end, "The Lord" chose to evict Johndeep, on the grounds that Chris was 'more likely to play Joseph'. Cue the 20-Kleenex "Close Every Door" ending which would have those wusses over on "Grease Is The Word" sobbing a monsoon.

Talking of which, the finalists aiming to be Danny and Sandy have been chosen and the live shows start next week so I will post a review then, even though it's very hard to get excited about a list of contestants which include Anthony "former pop star Kavana" Kavanagh and Susan "sister of Brian" McFadden.

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