Sunday, June 03, 2007

Any Dream Will Do: Bye bye Ben. Oh and Lee is fantastic and yes we are biased!!

Due to other commitments was unable to watch the show live this week so my review is 24 hours retrospective.
Keith: "Could It Be Magic". Every week he is good, no doubt about it, and clearly deserves his place in the final. However IMHO, magic is the one quality lacking in Keith's performance. He sings very well, performs more than adequately, but still lacks that charisma and star quality required of a true winner. The panel (particularly John Barrowman) went a little over the top about him this week, but even The Lord felt he was just falling short.
Ben: "Ease On Down The Road". Ben on the other hand has bucketloads of showmanship, charisma and star quality which makes up for his erratic vocal performances. Terrible song choice for him this week: the conspiracy theorists would say that it was a deliberate plan to get him in the bottom 2....
Keith and Ben: "Only You ("Starlight Express"). Excellent performance by both and very hard to choose who was the best here, although Ben managed a controlled and mature performance given that ballads had been his weak spot to date.
Lewis: "Sweet Caroline". If you know me, you will know that Lewis is my least favourite of the remaining Josephs. One dimensional, lacking in charisma or personality, irritating in his "I can do musical theatre, me" delivery. Having lost Craig last week, Bill decided that Lewis is his new "journey-man" of the contest!
Lee: "Living On A Prayer". I had my reservations on hearing that he would be singing this, but of course he delivered. Back in the red shirt too, yum! An assured, mature and masculine performance: it really is a contest of man against boys now. Does Zoe Tyler really need to be so harsh when it comes to Lee? Also I thought Lee looked a little strained tonight - he may be a pro, but it proves that the tension is getting to everyone.
Lewis and Lee: "Oh What A Circus" ("Evita"). Now banish all thoughts of David Essex - this was a class act and credit where it's due, even Lewis came good here. Lee is of course head and shoulders above everyone else in this competition and I hope that he is given more musical theatre numbers next week to prove, if it was needed, that he is a leading man - and an understudy no more!
Group number: "Under Pressure". Ooh, doesn't Lee look nice in lilac! Was this a tribute to gone-too-soon Daniel (who also looked nice in lilac, in a cheesy kind of way)?
Result: Lee - You could still be Joseph, you hot talented man!
Keith - You could still be Joseph, just go get yourself some charisma!
Sing-Off: Ben vs Lewis. Another very nice musical theatre number to test them - "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables.
Close every door to.... Ben, what a good looking young man, and he lit up the stage whenever he was on it. He was our second favourite. Gonna miss his cute smile and showmanship in the final. Being Ben of course, he vocally wobbled even in the final number. Keith took the coat (not that the curse is working any more of course).
What does The Lord see in Lewis? Has he had an advance ticket order from Nanna Jean? Is he casting for "Bob Downe: The Musical"?
Final next week: not sure my nerves can stand it!

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