Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bosson sings Magnus

Swedish pop star Bosson, best known for "One In A Million" (can it really be 7 years ago?) has been away for a while is now back with the interestingly titled "Future's Gone Tomorrow, Life Is Here Today", an album packed with typically Swedish electro-pop with many a falsetto interlude. If that sounds I'm not hallucinating, I really did hear him sing "Live Forever". Yes he has done a cover version of Magnus Carlsson's recent hit and manages to make it sound even more camp than the original. Anyway I don't like his voice as much as I like Magnus'. Oh well I suppose it's a matter of taste - there may be some (or many) out there who may disagree with me. Nevertheless I've never really been a Bosson fan and I can't see this CD joining my collection any time soon.

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