Sunday, June 03, 2007

Grease Is The Word...I'm speechless

I'll keep it short.
Sandy semi: We liked Alison, she's gone. (Evicted by the panel)
We liked Vicky, she's gone. (Evicted by the Great British Public)

We at EuropeCrazy always like to give credit where it is due so we'll say that Susan "Sister of Brian" McFadden should really be Sandy now. She looks like a Sandy would look like, she sings well, and she has that strangely old fashioned quality about her. Oh and I didn't like the comment made about her weight either - leave the girl alone Mr Ian!

As for Michelle, I've never understood her appeal. Why is she in the final? (Conspiracy theory: keep the weakest contestant in to make the chosen one win, or what?)

Didn't look as if the remaining Dannys - Anthony & Danny B - were too chuffed either. Know how they feel....

Final next week. Prediction: Anthony and Susan to win (although I'd prefer Danny B to Anthony). After tonight, who could predict anything?

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