Thursday, June 07, 2007

Magnus Carlsson: new CD on the way

"I'm gonna liiiiiiiiive forever!!" Yes I'm still playing that song and still not sick of it. Anyway I just found out that in 20 days time - make that 19 days time as it's just after midnight - the one and only Magnus Carlsson will release his new solo album. He must have spent, oh, at least 5 seconds thinking of a title for it. After his last album (and I don't count the whole Christmas album thing which just pushed him off the edge of the cheese-o-meter) had the complex title of ... wait for it.... "Magnus Carlsson", this one will be called...drum roll please...."Live Forever - The Album"!!! On his official website Magnus promises the ultimate party album for hot summer nights - we can't wait! Here's the tracklisting:

1. Crazy Summer Nights 2. I Won't Cry 3. Waves Of Love 4. Nothing's Real 5. Another Rainbow 6. Give A Little Love 7. Never Walk Away 8. Live Forever 9. I Need Your Love 10. Don't You Worry 11. You 12. Boogie Time 13. Live Forever (Acoustic Studio Version). "Waves of Love" will be his new single and it's a bit of a 70s disco number.
Just one minor gripe: isn't the album cover a bit, well, Julio Iglesias? Not even Enrique "Do you know do you know ping pong" Iglesias, but his old fella. Only about 40 years younger and cuter and Swedish of course!

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