Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday night.

Oh well here we are, it's Saturday night but things aren't the same as both "Any Dream Will Do" and "Grease Is The Word" have left our TV screens. Still, we did manage to get our Lee Mead fix as he appeared on the "National Lottery Draw" singing of course what else but "Any Dream Will Do". Very nice to see him again, but I'm a little distressed on reading that he's been fitted for a wig for the stage show. Yes, a wig. You could understand if he had rubbish hair, but a man with such glorious curls should be allowed to share them with the world. EDIT: Have now discovered that he will not be wearing a wig on stage and all his lovely curls will be displayed in all their glory.

Anyway, to fill the void there is "Britain's Got Talent", which promised a feast of variety, but only delivered a parade of sob stories and....children. People of a certain age in the UK will remember a TV talent show called "Junior Showtime" which showcased the alleged talents of kiddie performers in the 1970s. A nightmare from my TV childhood which has come back to haunt me, only it's now called "Britain's Got Talent". Please don't put your children on the stage. You only have to remember the tragic lstory of Lena Zavaroni, who won a UK TV talent show in the 1970s only to fall victim to the pressures of fame which in turn led to an all too early death from anorexia.

Talking of 70s retro TV, tonight sees the Tiswas reunion show. Tiswas was of course the best Saturday morning TV show EVER and again those of a certain age have many fond memories of the Phantom Flan Flinger, Trevor McDoughnut and Compost Corner!!

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