Saturday, June 16, 2007

The EuropeCrazy Holiday Hit List: Part 3

We have reached 1998 and another new country - Norway. Strangely enough, I can't remember any songs linked with our trip that spring to Stavanger, although when I think of Norway I think of Espen Lind for some strange reason. His "When Susannah Cries" had been a big hit all over Europe the previous year, and I almost bought his album "Red" whilst in Stavanger, however by-passed this in favour of Tomas Ledin's "Sanger Att Alska Till" (Treason! Buying a Swedish singer's album in Norway. Oh well, this was in the days before the internet arrived at EC HQ and you had to take all the chances you could get...!)

Anyway, did you know that Espen Lind co-wrote Beyonce's "Irreplaceable"?? I only just found that out. He has also written songs for Ne-Yo, Elliot Yamin, Atomic Kitten, Rooster and Jessica Simpson. So he's not just a pretty face. And boy oh boy, he is one very pretty face (drooooool).

But I digress.

In August 1998, I visited Paris for the very first time ever with my faithful travelling companion. It was the holiday that changed everything for me, when I realised just how much I loved France .... and how I rediscovered my love of French pop music. The most played French songs on the radio (and TV - we had M6 - what a great TV channel with lots of French music) during that holiday were:

"La Tribu de Dana" - Manau
"Pourquoi" - Sandy Valentino
"Pata Pata" - can't remember who sang it, wasn't Miriam Makeba but was a big summer hit in France?
"Univers" - Jean-Louis Aubert

That summer I bought the "Fredericks Goldman Jones" tape, the one with "A Nos Actes Manques" and Mylene Farmer's "Anamorphosee" and "Ainsi Soit-Je". It wouldn't be the last time I would visit FNAC for my French music fix.

1999 saw yet another return to Ostend, as Belgium still figured largely in our travels. Once more I had my trusty radio by my side and yet again it was playing lots of Clouseau, whose latest CD "In Stereo" had just been released. After the rather rubbish "Adrenaline" which is to this day my least favourite Clouseau album, I was rather pleased that they had redeemed themselves with this new CD which of course I bought during a day trip to Bruges. Another purchase on this holiday was Mylene Farmer's "Innamoramento" which over the years has proved itself to be a rather great album, even if in the beginning I had my reservations about it. (Compare this with "Avant Que L'Ombre" if you catch my drift). "L'Ame-Stram-Gram" is a rather fab piece of electro-pop. Check the video out, with Mylene and her hair extensions in all their glory. It goes without saying that, of course, she rules.

Coming soon: another trip to Paris....and another trip to Belgium!

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