Saturday, June 23, 2007

This week's playlist.

Bit of a mixed bag this week....
Shine - Booty Luv: I doubt if any of this summer's dance anthems will top this one. "Boogie 2Nite" seemed to be around for ever but IMHO this is even better.
Leef - Mozaiek featuring Walter Grootaers: The theme tune to the original Netherlands version of Big Brother - and a song which still sounds great today.
Heavyweight Champion Of The World - Reverend and the Makers: not too much British new music around at the minute to get too excited about...until this came along. From Sheffield, and connected in some way to the Arctic Monkeys, we won't hold that against them however - this is a great record!
Work Of Art (Da Vinci) / Please Me - Måns Zelmerlöw: His album is providing the pop soundtrack to the summer at EuropeCrazy HQ and these are the two tracks which, pardon the pun, "pleased me" this week.
Set Me Free - Jaki Graham: Sparkly slice of 80s electro-soul which was good to hear again....
Another Step (Closer to You) - Kim Wilde & Junior: ... continuing the 80s vibe this week, a nice collaboration between Ms Wilde and one of the decade's finest young Brit-soul discoveries.
Beautiful Liar (remix) - Beyonce & Shakira: Fed up with the original version but I'm enjoying the remix now.
Mambo - Helena Paparizou: Bit late getting into this, but heard it again in Stockholm and now I can't stop playing it. A million times better than her Eurovision winner "My Number One".
Behind The Cow - Scooter: marvellous piece of techno nonsense from Deutschland's main exporters of that kind of thing.

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