Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nouvelle Star: Julien wins. No surprise there then.

So after all these weeks, France's "Nouvelle Star" is over and the winner has been chosen. As predicted, Julien has won this year's title although we at EC HQ refuse to recognise this fact, as Pierre was clearly the best of this year's contestants and his eviction several weeks ago remains a mystery.

Still can't see Julien having any kind of recording career, unless the French record-buying public want to hear his Marilyn Manson tribute version of "Tainted Love" for example.

With "Idol" (Belgium), "Any Dream Will Do" and "Grease Is The Word" (UK) and "Nouvelle Star" now over, my next assignment is to find me a reality singing contest somewhere in Europe in between now and September/October when of course it will be time for the 7th "Star Academy" and Swedish version of "Idol". "Star Academy" remains my favourite of them all, of course.

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