Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nouvelle Star Semi-Final: Julien & Tigane to the final!

Tonight saw the semi-final in France of "Nouvelle Star" fought out between favourite Julien, his girlfriend Gaetane and outside bet Tigane. Again as usual I haven't seen the videos and will post a full review over the weekend. Oh, and Gaetane went out by the way. I have however been taking a look back at his performances through the series, and I still can't make up my mind. On the one hand he is a bit of a novelty comedy contestant - think American Idol's Sanjaya or X-Factor's Chico - yet on the other hand he manages to be more original than any other reality TV contestant I can remember. Can't see him having any kind of lasting career beyond this series - but then again, the same could have been said for Star Academy 1's rubbish vocalist extraordinaire Jean-Pascal who has gone on to great things, although it has to be said, not as a recording artiste!!

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