Sunday, December 07, 2008

2008-50: No. 20 - This is my life, I don’t wanna change a thing

"This Is My Life" - Euroband.

I really really wanted Iceland to get their first (long-overdue) ESC victory with this Eurodance stomper, which was sung by two of the best singers in this year's contest. Maybe Iceland should move itself lock stock and two smoking geysers to Eastern Europe and then we'll see if they do any better.

My bitterness aside, I really hope to see these two back on a Eurovision stage again some day.

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Rachel said...

OK so they didn't win.But 14th? Below Portugal and just above Denmark- 2 of the most boring songs in the contest?It's a travesty! I can definitely say it will finish higher than 14th in my 2008 Top 50/20/however many songs I can think of when I get round to it :)