Sunday, December 14, 2008

A broadcast on behalf of the frustrated chart compilers party

Whilst I enjoyed compiling the 2008-50, it also became rather frustrating as it just brought it all back to me how there were so many amazing songs with massive hit potential, but most of them failed to achieve any commercial success in this country because they aren't being played on radio and thus getting out to a wider audience.

They say that the music business is in a horrible mess at the moment, but I'm not really surprised.

The record companies and the media, notably radio stations, are failing promising new artists.

1) There are now no prime-time TV outlets for new music - only Later with Jools Holland (not on at the moment) and Sound (tucked away in a stupid Saturday afternoon slot).

2) There may be a lot of music video channels now, but they are all completely lazy, mostly playing the same boring r'n'b songs all day and night. Only The Box has tried to break new (often European) acts but there are now less than before, in favour of top 40 hits.

3) Local radio stations are the worst offenders: why play new music from unknown acts when you can play boring oldies or Pink, Rihanna and Amy Winehouse all day long?

Sorry for the rant but I'm just fed up with the lack of priority given to music now. Even the record shops seem ashamed to sell CDs in favour of games and DVDs.

Thank goodness for blog-land, where fanbases can be built with word of mouth (or should that be word of mouse???) and we can get to hear about great music. Long live bloggers!!

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