Tuesday, December 16, 2008

(Belated) Reality Roundup

Strictly: what a farce that semi-final results show turned out to be, hasn't the BBC had enough voting scandals to last a lifetime?

This show is so over-manipulating now that it has ceased to become entertainment. Yes, Tom did have an "off" week but he's been given another chance in the final: fingers crossed that we get the old Tom back.

X Factor: I haven't watched any of it but I wanted JLS to win as it's about time a group won. What's the point in having groups in it if they're never going to win? I don't particularly have any love for "Hallelujah" but I have even less love for it when it's bawled out Whitney-style by 2008 winner Alexandra Burke.

Swedish Idol: I said "Beware of the Borg" and I was right. Oh well done anyway to Kevin Borg, the young lad who moved from Malta to Sweden one year ago - he's Sweden's new Idol, but I still can't see him having a long career. At least runner-up Alice Svensson had a nice understated singing style and in good old Idol tradition she might get a nice career out of not winning.

Dansbandskampen: Scotts and Larz-Kristerz to the final, along with some other wild cards who shouldn't even bother turning up as they won't win it anyway.

Star Academy: An Alice vs Gautier semi-final was always going to be the musical equivalent of the devil and the deep blue sea. Couldn't work out who was which, but I'm just glad we don't have to look at Gautier's scowling face any more. It's Mickels (who can sing) versus Alice (who....can't) in this week's final. Go Mickels!!! - but don't be surprised if the viewing public get it wrong again.

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