Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2008-50: No. 11 - They wanna rap and make soul beats just like you, but they're just not you

"Homecoming" - Kanye West featuring Chris Martin.

Kanye again, this time someone featuring on his record instead of him featuring on someone else's. One technically from 2007, I know, but I only got to hear it at the beginning of 2008 and I make the rules, so it qualifies!!

This really came into its own thanks to the addition of Chris Martin, outwith his Coldplay-comfort-zone. A memorable piano hook, and Martin sounding as if he was really enjoying himself here. This is now my 17th most played song on iTunes!

I haven't listened to Mr West's new album yet, I wasn't too thrilled by "Love Lockdown" so I hope there's better songs to come from him.

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