Sunday, December 07, 2008

The reality round-up

OK here goes with this weekend's reality TV roundup.

Strictly Come Dancing - I can't really talk about this at the moment as I'm pretty disgusted. Pathetic result BTW. There are three people left in this competition, and two of them do not deserve to be there. I hope the other one wins, or the 1% credibility this show has left will have just gone out the window.

EDIT: So Austin is gone, and I'm not happy. The manipulation of this show by the judging panel has got to stop or the viewers will stop watching. I can't understand the blatant favouritism shown towards Rachel Stevens and Lisa Snowdon, as IMHO their dancing just doesn't merit this. Tom Chambers to win - he's the best dancer, however none of the remaining contestants have the sparkle, charisma and star quality which you'd expect from this show.

Dansbandskampen: Aftonbladet reports.....oh it's Groundhog Day. Guess the result!!!!

Star Academy: well, well, well! Mickels is in the final!!! I'm very happy about this although quite sad that it wasn't actually a Mickels-Joanna final as both of them deserved to be finalists :(

Stjärnor på Is: I haven't been following this, but tonight's final was won by Markus Fagervall, ex-Idol winner so congratulations to him.

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here: cheeky Cockney chappie, ex-Eastenders Joe Swash won this on Friday night, beating tennis legend Martina Navratilova to the title. Ex-Star Trek and Heroes actor George Takei was third, with camp-nemesis David Van Day (ex of Dollar!!) in fourth place. This was always one of my favourite celebrity-reality shows but like the rest of them, it's all gone pretty stale :(

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