Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2008-50: The ones that got away

Here are a few songs which missed out on inclusion in my top 50 of 2008.

These are in no particular order, just totally random.

It may not have made the MGP final, but "Colliding" by Nicholas Carlie was a nice swaying ballad.

Question of the year? "Are we human or are we dancer?" The Killers were back, and "Human" was (and is) fab.

The return of Darin was cause for much celebration in blog-land: "Breathing Your Love" was a very good electro-pop style comeback.

Another Swedish talent returned this year: Christian Walz. I loved the retro-70s vibe of "What's Your Name".

I finally got into Jason Mraz's music this year. We all know how great "I'm Yours" is, but "The Dynamo of Volition" was a fast-talking little gem from his great "We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things" album.

Alphabeat deserved much credit for bringing pop back to the charts - "Fascination" was just such a foot-tapping feelgood song.

One song which did very well at MF was "I Lågornas Sken" by those witch-burning cheeky boys Nordman. Very dramatic and very...Swedish!

Talking of Swedish, one of our old faves Brolle returned with an album in his native language. He's a great singer in any language, and I liked "Solo i Stockholm".

"Flyer (Under Fire)" by Sergey needs no introduction for fans of Russian pop...and if you like this then visit Rachel's wonderful Work Your Magic.

The comeback single "Måndagsbarn" by Veronica Maggio was in that retro-60s style which seemed to be popular this year, and she did it particularly well. Produced by her other half Oskar (Kihlen) from Snook, which is another good reason to love it.

Everytime I hear "The Bells of Freedom" by BWO I just feel like dancing around the room. There's nothing new or original about it, it's just BWO being BWO but that's a good thing!

"Outta My Head" was a ridiculously catchy single by Ashlee Simpson and it should have done better in this country.

"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles was a massive radio airplay hit so I got tired of it eventually, that's why it probably never made my top 50. Still quite like it though.

I once referred to Sara Bareilles as the female Daniel Powter, well the man himself was back this year with "Next Plane Home" which might not have been as classic as "Bad Day" but it was still rather nice.

If you needed a Prince-tribute this year then you couldn't get better than "Hot Mess" by Sam Sparro. It should have been a single IMHO, but I wonder what will happen with his career now after the failure of "21st Century Life"?

"The World Should Revolve Around Me" by Little Jackie really grabbed my attention this year...the backing track reminds me of "Kommer Ifrån" by Snook, which is a good enough reason to love it.

One of the year's best new acts with major international hit potential is Irish trio The Script. They released a very impressive debut album, and "The Man Who Can’t Be Moved" really deserved its hit status.

Great to have Will Young back again. "Changes" had the same kind of musical feel as James Morrison's "You Give Me Something" and I really identified with the lyrics. Will is just a great charismatic artist.

Watch out for VV Brown next year - if there is any justice she will take the world by storm. "Crying Blood" is catchy and irresistible. And she has such an amazing look!

Incredible but true: my hatred of Snow Patrol was abolished thanks to "Take Back The City" which proved that they had a bit of life about them after all. A really good track - what a pleasant surprise!

When I heard "Viva La Vida....." initially, I didn't really like "Cemeteries of London" however a couple of days later I heard this played loud in a record shop and suddenly it all made sense. Coldplay made an amazing album.

My introduction to Hot Chip came with "Ready For The Floor" which was an incredibly catchy tune. I never did get round to hearing their other stuff, but I liked this.

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