Saturday, January 03, 2009

The 2008 list

As the new year has just started I thought I'd take a look back at a few acts which I came across for the first time in 2008....

Sam Sparro: "Black and Gold" is just a completely amazing single, which managed to overshadow everything on his debut album: nevertheless he is so talented that I don't think we've heard the last of him. Two words: "Hot Mess".

Bryn Christopher: an outstanding young performer who managed to blow everyone off the stage at the Saturday Night Fever Electric Proms show: if there is any justice, "Fearless" will finally deliver that long-overdue hit.

It was the year of the post-Amy female singer....but forget those Duffy types and listen to Gabriella Cilmi instead. "Lessons to be Learned" was a very accomplished debut album for one so young, "Save The Lies" was just a great single, and "Warm This Winter" is so catchy!

Despite being talented and good-looking, with a high-profile girlfriend (Martine McCutcheon) all that wasn't enough to put Jack McManus in the top 40 although "Bang on the Piano" did get lots of radio and video airplay. Where he goes from here is unsure: it's not looking good.

Jason Mraz is not a newcomer by any means, but I hadn't heard any of his music until this year so that's why he qualifies for my list. "I'm Yours" is irresistibly catchy, and (again) if there is any justice, it will finally be a hit for him in the UK and everyone will finally discover his music, and it will be such a rewarding experience.

Sam Beeton was yet another ridiculously young talent who attracted my attention in 2008: "What You Look For" should have been a massive hit....and I like this message on his MySpace blog: YOUR 2009 IS GONNA KICK SERIOUS BOTTOM. And why not.

My mum - who is possibly the trendiest mum I know - discovered VV Brown before I did, so major credit to her because VV is sooooo coool and she is going to be massive in 2009!! She is such a refreshing change from all those X Factor-Whitney-wannabes and all those Duffy-types too.

I've got high hopes for Sugarush Beat Company after the excellent "They Said I Said" so I hope they finally break through in 2009 with "Love Breed".

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