Sunday, January 18, 2009

Celebrity Big Brother: Boys, girls, and blubbing

No-one is more surprised than I am that I've lasted the pace with the latest edition of "Celebrity Big Brother" (Channel 4), but even if not much happens, it's must-see viewing.

As a woman, I should be offended by Coolio, but I'm not. He is incredibly entertaining. I'm more offended by the embarrassment to the female race that is ex-Liberty X member Michelle Heaton, who takes every opportunity to blub-to-order, all the while thinking of the magazine deals and further reality TV opportunities. Zzzz.

I am equally disappointed by ex-A1 singer Ben Adams, whose sole function in the house is to pose around in a scarf and take 'wimpy' to a whole new level.

Last night "Shameless" star (?) Tina Malone was evicted. I briefly warmed to Tina and welcomed her plain-speaking and frankness, but this was soon abandoned when she bonded with Ulrika Jonsson, probably the one (ex)-Swede on planet earth whom I despise more than any other. Tina became two-faced and when she started nibbling her toenails I was very tempted to reach for the off-switch.

I was no fan of ex-Sugababe Mutya either, but a round of applause for some integrity as she quit the house last night when it emerged that she wouldn't be evicted. Pity Michelle, Ben and Ulrika didn't have the guts to follow her out...preferring to stay behind, bore the nation, and collect their appearance fees.

Tonight, finally, I was impressed by LaToya Jackson in tonight's Channel 4 highlights show when she took Coolio aside and very perceptively summed up Michelle....LaToya has dignity, a quality lacking in Michelle/Ulrika, therefore i can see her being there at the end. She might be nice, but nice people have insight too, so well done to her; she went up in my estimations tonight.

Aah, Verne....well he provided a hysterical highlight for me last night as he got drunk on champagne, chatted up LaToya and ram-raided his scooter into the Diary Room: watch this classic moment at


"Did you just drive into the Diary Room door?"

Go Verne!!

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