Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Körslaget: catch-up time

It seems no time since the first (hugely successful) series of this highly entertaining Swedish choir contest - won of course by Team Cans. So here we are again, with series 2 of Swedish TV4's Körslaget. This year’s hometown choirs are led by ...

Magnus Carlsson!

LaGaylia Frazier!

Nanne Grönvall!

Hanna Hedlund!

Timo Räisänen!

Erik Segerstedt!
Robert Wells!

(all pictures above courtesy of http://www.tv4.se/)

There was a British version of this show on the BBC during the summer, called "Last Choir Standing" which I only saw a little of, but it didn’t really work for me. "Körslaget" on the other hand is just pure entertainment, and deliciously theatrical.

The show started just after Christmas and I've been watching random clips from the first couple of weeks at TV4’s website.

Apparently Team Wells is the favourite to win: from what I've seen so far they are cleverly going down the rock route which is always so popular on Swedish "Idol" - expect to hear "Heaven’s on Fire" at one point (lol) I also liked Team Hanna’s "As Good As New" and Team Erik’s "Glorious".

I may be a Magnus Carlsson fan, but I couldn't say the same for his team's poor rendition of "Get The Party Started".

Over and out:

Team Timo was the first to be eliminated. IMHO they didn’t deserve to go as their "Da Do Ron Ron" was tuneful and exuberant. And all credit to Timo, for someone so cool and trendy to be taking part in a prime-time entertainment TV show.

The next team to go was Team LaGaylia, the only reason I can think is that she’s doesn't have as big a fan base as some of her fellow celebrity choir-leaders.

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