Saturday, January 17, 2009

Back in business!

First golden rule of blogging: no-one's going to read your blog unless you give them something to read, so let's get to it :))

As detailed over at EuropeCrazy's Random Ramblings, the majority of my week was dominated by horrendous lower back pain followed by an equally horrendous stomach bug thing, and I wasn't even well enough to blog - yes that bad - although I still managed the odd post.

Happily I'm feeling much better now and filled with a renewed enthusiasm to blog my little socks off. Also, my happiness levels went through the roof on Thursday night when I found out that Salem Al Fakir's second album "Astronaut" will be released in Sweden on March 25th. I try not to go on about him too much on this blog - that's what Planet Salem is for, after all - but I just thought I'd mention this fact anyway. You know what I'm like by now.

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