Saturday, January 03, 2009

Whatever happened to....the 2007 list?

Hi everyone and welcome to 2009 on EuropeCrazy - and it's been a rather nice start to the year so far, hope it's been a good one for you all too.

This time last year I listed my favourite new acts (well, new to my ears anyway) of 2007 so I thought it would be a good idea to revisit that list and see what had happened to them. Not much, it would seem.....:(

Paul Steel was one of my big big hopes for 2008: but it all went horribly, horribly wrong. It would seem the British music industry can't handle such a it turned out "I Will Make You Disappear" was to be a prophetic title and Paul was dropped from his record label. But he perseveres nonetheless: "Moon Rock" was released (only in Japan!) and in 2009 Paul will release his "April and I" animated film and also the "In A Coma" video. It's not over yet....!

Ali Love found himself in the same boat, he was dropped by his record label meaning that his "Love Music" album hasn't yet seen the light of day. As with Paul Steel, you can follow his electro-funk adventures via his MySpace and again I hope that 2009 brings better things for him.

It was all quiet on the Daniel Merriweather front, but it's all about to go very big indeed in 2009 for this very talented soul-pop singer who will finally launch his solo career with his single "Change" and long-awaited "Love and War" album. It's looking very good for him!

It was also looking very good for David Jordan one year ago whose career seemed to be on the up following his appearance on the Royal Variety Show. "Sun Goes Down" was a hit, but the follow-up "Move On" failed to crack the top 40, then his next two singles sank without trace. It's not looking good for him....

Canadian funksters Chromeo keep on doing their thing....again check out their MySpace if you want to know what they're up to: that would be a re-released version of "Fancy Footwork" with some extra remixes added. The critics continue to love them, but commercial success has been much harder to achieve.

Nothing from the Snook camp in 2008: Kihlen concentrated on his work with Maskinen and also producing girlfriend Veronica Maggio's (rather good) "Och Vinnaren Är" album. (Aren't they such a cool couple BTW???)
Does anyone know what Snook will be up to in 2009?

Vincent Pontare concentrated his efforts on breaking into German-speaking Europe where he had a hit with "Miss Blue". Incidentally, Vincent was one of the most-searched-for acts on this blog in 2008. Hopefully I'll be able to write more about him in 2009 - fingers crossed that he releases that second album.

Tokio Hotel continued to build on their success in 2008, and "Scream" was finally released in the USA and Canada. They won a coveted MTV VMA in the USA for "Best New Artist", and this was followed by an MTV EMA "Headliner" award. The band had to cancel some tour dates as Bill had surgery to remove a cyst from his vocal chords however they were back on the road again and also preparing for the release of their third studio album scheduled for March/April 2009.

Despite a relaunch of "Bubbly", which got a lot of airplay on my local radio station and was very popular with some of my work colleagues, but yet again failed to chart, Colbie Caillat continues to be relatively unknown in this country.

Salem Al Fakir was launched internationally thanks to "It's Only You Part II" being used in the Volvo XC60 car commercial, however he remains the world's best kept musical secret. His second album is due for release in 2009: follow his adventures at his MySpace and also at my fansite for him, Planet Salem.

Coming next: the 2008 list.

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