Monday, November 30, 2009

The 2009-50: No. 28 - The dream was sold and you bought the bouquet

"Right Here Right Now" - BWO.

FACT: "Big Science" was one of my most played and most loved albums of 2009. It's refreshing to know that the BWO shiny pop formula shows no signs of deteriorating, even if the British record buying public and music media is the Teflon frying pan to their musical fried egg. Their music, it seems, just won't stick here.

Happily, we fans of Swedish pop still managed to get our BWO fix. It may look as if their time at Melodifestivalen is gone (it could all have been different IMHO if they'd gone for the dance-version of "You're Not Alone") but they still have a bright future ahead if songs like this are anything to go by. "Bite The Bullet" narrowly missed out on my top 50 this year, but there was never any doubt that "Right Here Right Now" would be in my top 30.

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