Monday, November 30, 2009

The 2009-50: No. 29 - Baby you trip the switch, I turn on for you

"Sensitized" - Christophe Willem & Kylie Minogue.

Not being too familiar with the most recent work of Ms Minogue, I was therefore unaware that this initially belonged to her and that Christophe's version is a cover - with the very nice twist of duetting with the original artist.

Christophe is one of the most original and inventive reality TV talent show winners anywhere in the world: not only did he make a cracking debut album but he followed it with an ambitious and contemporary-sounding second album, although I felt it could have done with some more catchy songs in the style of "Double Je" and "Kiss The Bride". Still, I guess it is a good sign that he is progressing as a true artist.

This song is a deliciously frothy bilingual mix which should (and probably will) appeal to fans of both artists.

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