Saturday, November 21, 2009

The 2009-50: When I'm gone, who are you to mourn?

"Don't Bring Flowers" - Erik Hassle.

The song chosen to launch 2009's blog-land favourite and all-round wonderful new talent Erik Hassle in the UK - an uptempo guitar-pop grower with very sharp lyrics - predictably was too good to make the charts in this country.

Wisely, his record company have put the release of the fantastic "Hurtful" and the British version of his debut album - which was originally due for release here in November, slap-bang in X Factor season where decent music will sink without a trace, (and which fans of quality Swedish pop have been enjoying for a vast chunk of 2009) - on hold until February 2010, by which time he'll reach a much wider audience by supporting Mika on his British tour and, fingers crossed, finally achieve the success he deserves in this country.

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