Sunday, November 08, 2009

Idol 2009: 'World's best songs' week

A random (and arguable) theme, but as I said in an earlier post, one with the contestants firmly within their comfort zones.

Rabih: "All My Life": bits of this were ok, bits of it were pretty foul. He's gone, and not a minute too soon IMHO.

Mariette: "Because The Night": She does have a good voice and she performs effortlessly week after week, but I still can't 'connect' with her for some reason. I'm still not sure if this competition is the right forum for her talent.

Reza: "Summertime": She has grown on me over the weeks but she unfortunately fell victim to the 'why have one note when 10 will do' curse this week. Although her confidence and star quality is growing, I didn't think this song did her any favours.

Calle: "With A Little Help From My Friends": I thought he'd have been away a couple of weeks ago, but he lives to fight a few other days yet, complete with his 'guyliner'. A decent enough version of the song, Joe Cocker-style (and credit to him for attempting the mid-song Cocker-scream) but I still can't see him going too much further.

Tove: "In The Ghetto": it's a big ask to do an Elvis song, but Tove began by keeping it very simple - even down to her plain white dress - however it wasn't long till she was putting her individual stamp on the song.

Eddie: "If You're Not The One": the falsetto was dodgy and the stylist must have had an off day, but apart from that Eddie did his best on what is for me a rather boring song by one of my least favourite artists. It's time for the weekly dose of gratuitous Eddie screencaps.....

Erik: "The Show Must Go On": he is vocally for me the most consistent performer this year - give him anything and he will sing it well. The judges loved him - and I will be very happy if he wins it.

It's getting harder to predict the bottom-two at this stage of the contest - but this week it was Rabih and Mariette, with Rabih finally going.

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