Saturday, November 14, 2009

Idol 13.11.09: Topplistan, duets, and hankies at the ready - Eddie's out :(

With Anders Bagge sick this week, it was none other than Ulf Ekberg from the mighty Ace of Base who sat in for him on the panel as guest judge. This week's theme was "Topplistan" - some current or recent hit songs - and for the first time this year we got the chance to hear duets involving the six remaining contestants.

"Bodies" - Erik: He recovered well from his microphone failure at the start of the song. On the surface, a pretty undemanding song for his powerhouse vocals but he was wonderful and yet again it was no bother for him. His first Robbie song of the evening! Surely he'll make the final? I really want him to win it now.

"Curly Sue" - Eddie: a strange choice, giving Eddie one of Sweden's most played pop/rock songs of the decade when that kind of sound clearly isn't his comfort zone. Nevertheless it gave us another chance to be "head over heels" with Mr Razaz!!!!

"Halo" - Reza: As stated in my previous post, this is one of my most hated songs of 2009 so credit to her for doing a mainly controlled performance of it.

"Bad Day" - Calle: Nothing to do with "Idol", but IMHO my favourite cover version of this song was when Lee Mead sang it in "Any Dream Will Do". Anyway it was pretty restrained for Calle. Not bad, but not great either. Maybe a song-swap would have been better, with Eddie doing this and Calle doing "Curly Sue"?

"I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker" - Tove: another spirited performance from the quirky and probable winner-in-waiting, although for me slightly ruined by the fact that this is one of my least favourite songs of this decade.

"Bleeding Love" - Mariette: Another song which thankfully lacked Leona-style vocal gymnastics. Mariette was impressive again, but also restyled again - they're trying to turn her into something she isn't, and I don't think they know what image they want for her?
"If Only You" - Eddie & Reza: lucky Reza getting to duet with Eddie - it's a wonder anyone could concentrate on singing if they had to do a duet with him :) He looks and sounds like a pop star already so this was a good choice for him, maybe less so for Reza, but I enjoyed it. But that kiss at the end....lucky lucky Reza!!!

"Someone New" - Mariette & Calle: Surprisingly this was my favourite of the night's duets as it seemed quite natural and unforced, and showed off both singers' vocal abilities well on the Eskobar & Heather Nova song which was a great choice.

"Kids" - Tove & Erik: A chance to watch the two finalists in action - for I think they will be the last Idols standing this year - and they did a good enough job here although I don't particularly like this song anyway. I feel that neither of them will be traditional pop stars post-Idol; I could envisage Erik having a long and successful career in musical theatre whilst Tove is likely to emulate Amanda Jenssen's style with a more left-field musical approach. (I wonder what the "winner's song" will be this year? Same old same old I guess!)
Bottom two: Eddie and Reza - Eddie was becoming the 'king of the bottom two' but on Friday his nine lives finally ran out and he went home. I suppose it was time for him to go, as he doesn't have the vocal ability of the others, but this lovesick blogger will miss him so much :((((

Next week: the final five contenders participate for the final time in the TV4 studios before the latter stages of the contest head out to the arenas of Malmo, Gothenburg and finally Stockholm. Only four weeks to go till the final!


Len W said...

Have you heard anything about when and if they plan to do a week of songs in Swedish this year? It seems long overdue.

EuropeCrazy said...

Hi Len,

Haven't heard anything about it yet, but yes I agree, I'm missing the Swedish-language songs too. Whilst I think Swedish Idol has a better variety of songs than our inferior and predictable X Factor, it would be nice for them to acknowledge their own language once in a while.

Len W said...

Yeah, in past years they have one week of a Swedish pop or Melodifestivalen theme, and I hope they don't totally shirk their national identity this year.