Sunday, November 29, 2009

The 2009-50: No. 32 - The time has come for us to love, a heart away, to celebrate our loneliness

"Allein Allein" - Polarkreis 18.

I'm gradually recovering from that horrible cold which floored me for the full weekend, so it's time to resume my countdown.

Another one which probably shouldn't be here on the "it was around in 2008" technicality but hey, it's my chart and I can do what I want! The remarkable thing about this German mega-hit was that it even achieved "Record of the Week" status on BBC Radio 2, but predictably chart success didn't follow. It did however manage to become a hit in some countries outside Germany, helped along by some dance remixes.

This is just a great record: an accessible pop song sung in English with an anthemic singalong chorus hookline, and in an ideal world it would dominate the charts forever. At least the producers of ITV's "Tour de France" coverage knew a good tune when they heard it, as "Allein Allein" was used on a couple of occasions to soundtrack their end-of-show montage. (As indeed was Ladyhawke's excellent "Paris is Burning" which had previously passed me by).

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