Sunday, November 15, 2009

Agnes finds love, love, love ....with Vincent!

Just been catching up with this weekend's Swedish showbiz gossip and was confronted with this article on Expressen's website which says that Agnes Carlsson's new boyfriend is none other than Vincent Pontare!!

(If you're not familiar with Vincent, he's a really talented singer, musician and songwriter - one of Sweden's best!)

I just love it when Swedish pop stars get together, don't you? First Måns and Marie, now Agnes and Vincent. It's a shame that Brolle and Elin split up though :(

Anyway I wish this new pairing all the best! Now when are we going to get a new album from Vincent? It's about time....!

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Poster Girl said...

I agree with every bit of this post!

I had NO idea they were a couple and for some reason they seem like a particularly random match, but I'm always in favor of these Swedish musical pairings and this one seems really sweet. Best of luck to them :)