Saturday, November 21, 2009

The 2009-50: No. 46 - I sing now for all of you

(I haven't been around all day and was also off for a night out tonight, but I'm back now and ready to resume my devotion to the blogging cause and bring the latest instalment of my top 50 songs of the year.)

"Hold On" - Lazee featuring Neverstore.

A very acceptable blend of rap (Lazee) and indie rock (Neverstore) from Sweden. Regular readers won't be surprised that this is the first of very many songs by Swedish acts in my chart this year.

One significant thing about this song is that it did get released in the UK, had a fair amount of airplay on the music video channels, and even made the (increasingly influential) Radio 1 playlist. Yet despite that, it failed to make what (IMHO) has become an increasingly irrelevant and highly irritating UK top 40 singles chart. Being a fan of European music is a wonderful thing though, as it means that you have somewhere else to go when the music gets rubbish in your own country :)

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