Monday, May 14, 2007

Any Dream Will Do: Rob "The Builder" - Demolished!

Yes it's late and I apologise ...
Another week and it’s getting tougher. We’re down to seven contestants battling for the role of Joseph so let’s go go go.
Rob: "The Builder" made a good start with "Born To Run" which suited his more rough and ready personality. I’d have thought he could "still be Joseph" but then again there’s the public for you!
Daniel: Giving Mr Nice Guy "Maggie May" to sing was an attempt to show a tougher side, but all it did was send him once again into theatrical mode. Dressed tonight like a schoolteacher, and we weren’t impressed by his posh-bloke-sings-Rod act.
Lewis: He has his limitations and "I’m A Believer" didn’t prove otherwise. A very lightweight performance, which is not enough at this stage of the contest. Bottom 2?

Lee: After his so-called "rubbish" week last week he was back on top form with a fantastic version of "Leave Right Now". Very wise song choice which excellently showed off his singing voice and acting ability. Only one gripe this week: grey waistcoat OK, but missed the red outfit. Bring back red Lee next week.
Craig: "Cabaret Craig" reinvented himself with a very good performance of "This Is the Moment", proving that he had really improved, even if he’s a long way from being Michael Ball. The emotion proved too much for him as he blubbed at the end of the song.
Ben: It was his turn for cabaret this week - Tom Jones’ "Help Yourself" is not the best song choice but he gave it all he had, even if he forgot his words a couple of times. My other prediction for bottom 2.
Keith: The youngster is now rated as one of the favourites to win, thanks to some very clever song choices - and The Lord likes him too. Don’t get me wrong, he’s good but he’s too young and could eventually crack under the pressure of such a high-profile role.
The sing-off: Lewis was a cert this week, but Rob? Surely Ben should have been there in his place. In the sing off both sang a song from the "Blood Brothers" musical. Although I thought Rob did better than the insipid Lewis, The Lord saved the youngster and sent Rob back to the building site. It was obvious that he would get rid of him at the first opportunity. Best tonight: Lee, not that I’m biased or anything because I am (!!). He continues to convince with his professionalism and talent, he looks the part and I feel the panel are giving him a much harder time than the other contestants because he’s already a professional.

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