Sunday, May 27, 2007

Any Dream Will Do...exit Cabaret Craig and not Lewis!

Five Josephs left, and after the major outcry over the eviction of the massively talented Daniel last week, surely this week would bring justice, i.e. the eviction of Lewis?
Where last week they saved the best till last, this week it was the turn of Lee Mead to kick off the proceedings. After all these weeks of deep and intense performances, it was time to see the lighter side of Lee. (Personally I prefer the darker side, but any Lee is better than no Lee at all...!) On "Daydream Believer" he delivered a performance full of life and enjoyment, but that whole pyjama-thing was so not a good look. However he managed to get The Lord's mojo working. Oo-er missus.

I am trying to pick a second favourite in the event of Lee not making it (perish the thought) and Ben would appear to be it. He is sooooo cute and if I wasn't so besotted by Mr Mead I would have to go for Ben. What he loses in vocal talent - and he lost a lot tonight, tackling "Crying" (not the easiest song for anyone) he makes up for in presence and charisma. Although there were many off-notes, he managed to give a simple, subtle, theatrical rendition beyond his years and did a decent enough job. I am still a bit put off by his growing arrogance though - not quite at the level of Anthony-me-me-me-Kavanagh in "Grease Is The Word" but you can tell it's increasing by the week.

Be very afraid. Cabaret Craig is beginning to grow on me, but why is he wearing pink lipstick every week? If you have the mind of a conspiracy theorist you would think that "Suspicious Minds" had been deliberately chosen to get him into the sing-off. But he does have some appeal and we're glad he is still in, as he is the least theatrical of the lot and seems likeable enough. Bill would say that Craig has been on a journey blah blah blah, hoping it doesn't end tonight. And we like the hairdo. (Craig's that is, not Bill's).

The paper tissue industry will not go bankrupt as long as Lewis is around. (He should have sang "Crying"!!!!) He must realise that The Lord made the wrong decision last week. Anyway he was given "Hero" this week - surely some mistake as he was anything but. Unconvincing and devoid of any personality or star quality. More cabaret indeed than Cabaret-Craig!

After his performance the panel were polarised more than any other performance of the evening. John Barrowman - we looooove him - said that HE. WAS. NOT. JOSEPH. Whilst Bill (Mr Nice Guy) stuck up for him. Listen Bill - they can't all be Joseph! Stop being so positive!
Last word to The Lord - "fantastic charm but no inner strength". Charm????

Finally to Keith-Teeth who is quite frankly puzzling us now. Yes he is good, yes he can sing, but strangely left me cold tonight on "Let Me Entertain You". He is too young and clean-cut for this song, and I keep visualising him in pantomime. Last week he was Liza Minnelli, this week he's Tommy Steele (LOL!) Vocally he is Joseph, says Zoe, whilst Bill "Journey" Kenwright trots out the old "You are on a journey" thing blah blah.

And now to the results show with an added cliffhanger. Who would all-round quality singer Josh Groban choose to duet with, let me think about that one for a moment....
Keith-Teeth spitting out "Josh Groban and Lee Mead", overflowing with envy. It's not nice, not nice at all.
Ooh....Lee and Josh singing "You Raise Me Up". Not one of my favourite songs unless Brian Kennedy is singing it, however the sight of Lee duetting with Josh screams "WINNER!" With the other Josephs relegated to backing vocals, presumably sticking pins into the Lee Mead voodoo doll whilst they wonder if any of them could ever still be Joseph.

Biggest shock of the evening is that Lewis (don't get me started) could still be Joseph. F***!!!!
Ben - You are in the sing-off!!
Keith - You could still be Joseph, you jealous little....
Craig - You are in the sing-off, and you got the lowest vote. They know how to p*** you off.

Sing-Off: No big dramatic number but instead it's Barry Manilow's "I Made It Through The Rain". Only thing is, Craig didn't, and Ben got custody of the umbrella. The Lord's reasons for dumping a Joseph are getting more bananas by the week: "it was down to casting....your acting didn't come through". Blah blah.

Close every door to him: Take the coat Ben! Take the coat, take the coat. (Curse of the coat: it didn't work this week but surely next week...Yes. Lewis hopefully condemned to oblivion and a sponsorship deal with Kleenex). Four Josephs remain. Semi-final next week!!

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