Thursday, May 24, 2007

Radio 10 Gold to leave mediumwave

Radio Netherlands Media Network ( has announced that Radio 10 Gold, the Dutch radio station which fans of mediumwave radio have enjoyed since it began in the 1990s, will cease broadcasts on its 1008 kHz frequency by 30 June at the latest. This is very sad news indeed as this station showed its dull British counterparts how oldies radio should be done - with a diverse playlist and a once strong signal (675 kHz R.I.P.) which could be received reasonably clearly here in the UK, especially on those dark winter nights. Recently the station has had to cut down its transmitter power which was the beginning of the end: the station's owners blame a lack of advertising revenue for the station's downfall. One more nail in the coffin of mediumwave: how many more stations will follow?

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