Monday, May 21, 2007

Guess what I got in the post today.....?

Second album from the Idol 2005 runner-up, who has managed to combine commercial success and credibility. A very wise move has been to team up with Andreas Johnson's co-writer Peter Kvint, who has also produced this CD.
It's a very good collection of songs, mostly in an uptempo and anthemic vein.
"Troubled Skies" is a very good opener. Next is his MF 2007 entry "When The Night Comes Falling" which is still a very strong singalong. "Charlie Calm Down" is another uptempo number and very reminiscent of Andreas Johnson, whilst "I Can Feel You" is clearly inflenced by Robbie Williams and even Oasis. "Lead Me There" is a real hands-in-the-air tune, whilst "Words and Violence", which was the first single released from this album, still sounds good. "Falling In Love With You Again" is one of my personal favourites on this CD. "Kiss Kiss Kiss" is Sebastian in a state of euphoria - "I'm in a perfect state of perfect bliss/I'm in love and I don't want to stop". "Bear With Me" is already a regular on my MP3 player and reminds me a bit of Gavin Degraw. "Trigger" is probably the weakest track on the album, but the closer "Drink This Bottle of Wine" is very good but lyrically has Sebastian reflecting on a break-up. May I help you get over this, Mr Karlsson? No? OK then. Still a very good album though, and it's proof yet again that you don't need to win "Idol" to become a star.

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