Saturday, May 05, 2007

Grease Is The Word: week 2.

As you know, we are more "Any Dream Will Do" than "Grease Is The Word" at EuropeCrazy HQ, but we have to admit that this week, in the immortal words of Simon Cowell, "the bar has been raised".

This week's theme was "songs from movies". Firstly to Danny R and Lauren with "Flashdance". Danny R, of course, has a bit of a speech impediment, but that is not holding back his vocals. They were both good singers tonight, but the harmony-arrangements were hit and miss.

Next to Michael and Vicky, one of the strongest pairs in the contest. Their "Up Where We Belong" was good. He is not quite Danny, but they were good - best tonight so far.

Wayne and Hayley-daughter-of-Sinbad sang "When You Say Nothing At All". They are not Danny and Sandy at this stage of the contest: the harmonies didn't convince me at all. They were OK but that's all - they were singing to and not with each other.

"Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" is always a safe bet and it was tackled by Richard and Joanna. Good harmonies, unlike earlier in the evening. Richard has a real rough and ready Danny-quality, but tonight he was better than she was.

And now to Anthony "Kavana" Kavanagh and Alison, with "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now". Potential winners? They do look the part, and did well. The Gest said that they are Danny and Sandy. We say that they are in with a big chance.

Danny and Susan "Brother of Brian" McFadden tackled "I've Had The Time of My Life". We at EuropeCrazy HQ DO. NOT. GET. THEM. It's who you are, not how good you are.

And finally, Bradley and Michelle. A little anonymous, she was a bit off in places but they did quite well and the baying crowd seemed to like them. Good draw too which should see them safe this week.


We're not happy, as the bottom 2 were Richard and Joanna vs Michael and Vicky, neither deserved to be up for eviction but after the "You're The One That I Want" sing-off, the panel saved Michael and Vicky, thus Richard and Joanna were not 'the ones that they wanted'.

Will justice be done next week?

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