Sunday, May 20, 2007

"Dream" turning into a nightmare: Daniel's out!

19.05.07. "Any Dream Will Do": Six contestants were left and the contest just got tougher.

Keith: "Brown Eyed Girl": OK so apparently he looks like Liza Minnelli. LOL at Graham Norton's "whatever happened to her husband" remark. Keith-Teeth does well once again however there's the usual criticism about diction, blah blah blah. The Lord says: "He could really be Joseph".

Lewis: There's bland, and there is Lewis. He dared to steal Lee's whole sitting-on-stairs-then-getting-up act for his version of "The Rose". He's still weak and dull, and lacks personality. Even Zoe said so. The Lord says: "Got a way to go".

Ben: Another week, another bizarre song choice. "Blue Suede Shoes"??? Cheesy as hell but at least loaded with all the personality Lewis lacked. The Lord: "Had wit and cheekiness....knew what he was doing".

Keith/Lewis/Ben: "That's Life" (group number): fun version which worked well.

Craig: "Black or White": wearing Lee's waistcoat outfit from last week. Surprisingly good stagecraft and managed to do Jacko without resorting to his vocal/dance mannerisms. The Lord says: "Getting better but could you deliver?....marginal".

Daniel: "Evergreen": Another week and indeed another Will Young song. I thought he was very good at this type of song and that he excelled: but then what do I know? The Lord says: "Would an audience want you...singing for two hours?"

Lee: "Paint It Black": they promised intense, and we got it. Lee Mead is in a different league and once more proved it tonight. An incredibly watchable performer - but does he deserve better than the lightweight role of Joseph? He looks fantastic. Just thought I would say that anyway, as my mind wanders to the thought of running my fingers through his hair etc etc....but he is also a very talented artist and of course he still deserves to win this competition. The Lord says: "Absolutely superb....obviously Joseph".

Craig/Daniel/Lee: "Don't Rain On My Parade": absolutely professional and rained on the other youngsters' parade - check their facial expressions out!!

The Sing-Off

Craig/Lee/Keith/Ben: "you could still be Joseph"

Daniel/Lewis: to the sing-off! Daniel got the lowest votes? HELLO?

A real shocker. I thought it would be Lewis vs Craig this week but there you go. Daniel in the sing-off? Thought that whoever was up against the bland and emotionless Lewis would be a cert to go through to next week. "Bring Him Home" was this week's sing-off, wringing out as much emotion as you could possibly take. Yet despite Daniel's obviously better performance in the end, The Lord chose to save Lewis, thus dispatching Daniel to "poor poor Joseph what you gonna do....."

There is a theory on the web that there is a "curse of the coat" - he who touches the coat is evicted next week. Ben touched the coat this week. Go figure. Anyway, I am shocked and stunned, there are some who might suggest that the contest is a foregone conclusion that Lee will win... I don't buy that. After Daniel's eviction, no-one is safe anymore. The Great British Public are a very strange bunch of people when it comes to this type of contest! LEE MUST WIN! THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE!!